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World Dessert Journey Begins !

France, Travel & Desserts | September 11, 2016 | By

My baby is 3 months old !!

It has been three months since the birth of my blog- an unbelievably exciting journey which I am gradually getting accustomed to!! 

I am so thankful for the immense support you have given me in the past 12 weeks – It is your encouragement that keeps me moving forward and gets me working around the clock, to bring to you content- best of my knowledge, and lab experiments 🙂 ! 


This far, week after week, I have been covering two dimensions in “Baking”/”Decorating” – tutorials and self invented recipes, which I will solemnly continue to work on over the weeks, months and hopefully years to come! (Note to my dear subscribers- embrace for surprises coming your way!)

Now, I want to kick start the third and final dimension of my humble endeavor, which is, to cover food, especially desserts of the world! I hope this will give you new insights and a visual treat of my travel experiences. 

At age 29, I’ve racked up a decent amount of airline miles and passport page stamps- I have been lucky enough to experience some gorgeous sights and unique cultures from around the world- Seychelles Islands, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Switzerland, Antigua and Barbuda being some of my top ranked visited favorites!!! …….and how can I miss out on Sri Lanka– Pearl of the Indian Ocean, a beautiful Island that I call Motherland ! 🙂

Cancun, Mexico

Enjoying a beautiful beach view in Mexico with a tropical mocktail

In every post travel conversations that I have with my friends and family I can’t really choose which aspect of the trip (food, culture or sites) to talk about !! I sum it up saying “it was great!”.

This was one of the reasons of starting this dimension of my blog, “Travel and Desserts“, to journal my experiences covering my favorite sights and tastes from these amazing places! I also hope that this gives new insights and ideas to anyone planning to visit these places or for anyone that wants to grab a cuppa and learn about a new place or country! This will be an ongoing process, which I will sporadically update as I travel. Pardon my literacy as I am no pro travel blogger. Also my photography! Sometimes i wish I had captured “moments” better…… or even stopped to capture a wonderful sight……..sigh!…. travelling with two active toddlers has its own challenges!


In my recent travel to Europe, part of the trip was a 16-day stay in France. What better country to start this “World Dessert” journey with, than FRANCE!!…. As the word “Dessert” itself was coined from French,  “desservir”, meaning a dish served as last course of a meal. Google to learn more- I am not going to go into details and bore you 😉

Here is a brief up on Cities that we visited. Click on individual links/topics for a visual treat on marvelous sights and delicious desserts that I experienced !

1. Paris (5 Days)


Paris is very touristic with numerous sights to see! We tried to cover as many places as we could, some include the iconic Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Palace and Gardens of Versailles, Tuileries Garden, River Seine, Love Lock Bridge, Montmartre and Sacre Coeur etc. I have put together a detailed Paris trip article covering these places with a soft introduction to some of the French desserts that we tried during our visit here. Click HERE to read more!

2. Rennes (10 days)


We indulged more in the food/dessert culture here. Rennes being the capital city of Brittany stood out to me in food the most! Fresh french marinades to mouth melting desserts, brought such delight to a foodie like me….read more about my adventures in Rennes- Summer Festivals, places to visit and 11 delicious dessert to try HERE

3. Saint Malo (1 day)

paris breast

This was a day Trip from Rennes….. but sights from this little Port City will blow your mind away! We were fortunate enough to try the classic French dessert “Paris Brest” ……with this stunning backdrop! Read more HERE

Thanks for travelling with me, hope you enjoy reading, and subscribe if you don’t want to miss a post……. 🙂 !! 

  1. Poourani
    September 12, 2016

    Feels like I was traveling with you guys and the treats are really mouth watering !!!!!

    • Thulashitha RD
      September 12, 2016

      Thank you Poourani !