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Rennes in 10 Days- Summer Festivals, Places to Visit and 11 Delicious Desserts to try !

France, Travel & Desserts | September 19, 2016 | By

7-9.Dessert platter- Panna cotta, Canele, Profiterole

dessert platter

If you love French Desserts, and if you are there on a short visit there, the best way to experience the desserts is by going with a dessert platter! A mini dessert tray was served that included 3 delicious desserts, few slices of peach and a strong french coffee !

  • Profiterole– The dessert first from the left (picture above) is a profiterole. Dessert with a french origin, is a choux pastry ball filled with cream (in this case French pastry cream) or custard and garnished with caramel and toasted almonds. I first got introduced to this dessert in England, and been a fan of it ever since !
  • Panna Cotta– This dessert (second from left in picture above) was originated in Italy, a neighboring country, and quite famous here too. It is made with heavy cream and gelatin to thicken it up. Read further down to see what I loved most about this dessert in Rennes. 
  • Mini Canele– These small french pastries. A portable version of the creme brulee. Caneles in Paris were much larger and tasted similar to creme brulee. These ones though tasted more chocolate. Could be because of the overload of chocolate sauce on the dessert 😉 Paired so well with the strong coffee !!

dessert platter 2

Below is the panna cotta almost done… as i was wondering what those black specks were the waiter came over and mentioned how they use “real vanilla beans” in their dessert!! That explained the richness !! I had a little talk on details with regards to how they use and extract flavor out of these beans.

panna cotta

Absolute heaven , and inspired me to do the same with my future vanilla desserts instead of using flavoring. 

10.Chocolate Fudge Mousse 

chocolate mouse

Another Dessert that was originated from France around the mid 19th century. Meaning “foam”/ “froth” that can be light, fluffy, creamy or thick depending on the amount of air incorporated into the base batter. It is made either by whipping cream or egg whites and incorporating this base with flavoring like chocolate, caramel, coffee etc. A very easy dessert to prepare, I will have a recipe coming up for you soon! 🙂 This mousse had a solid fudge topping above the mousse and then whipped cream and some cherries to give it a perfect finish. Right shows a scoop into the dessert 🙂 


coig aman

I saved the best for last!! This was one of the most recommended by locals…. This is a cake that you will find only in Brittany ! It is made of layer and layers of pastry that is folded in butter and sugar. We were warned that it was going to be a very heavy dessert! we celebrated our last day in Rennes with this heavenly dessert. Definitely tops the rest of the desserts that we had in Rennes! 

The restaurant that serves this delicious dessert is La Fabrique. It is located right off the parliament square. This became another favorite restaurant and the best part- some of the servers understand and speak English . They also have an English Menu!!  Yayyy!!


Above are pictures of the dessert I was trying to take with the street view , you can see locals trying to photo bomb !!  It is topped with caramel sauce and toasted nuts. A perfect combination…. Even after a heavy meal we couldn’t stop eating this heavenly goodness!


A bite into the buttery caramel layers…. just looking at this pictures brings back the taste , I cant wait until my next opportunity to visit this place !!!

With this comes an end to my Dessert adventures in Rennes. Coming up Next is a beautiful Port City in France- Saint Malos …. sights from this amazing little city are sure to stun you! I will also be featuring another classic French Dessert with a gorgeous back drop. 

What were your favorite desserts from France ?! Leave your recommendations in the comments below 🙂 

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  1. Sathya Kandasamy
    September 20, 2016

    Appetizing food pictures!!!! Beautifully written too…

    • Thulashitha RD
      September 20, 2016

      Thank you Sathya ! 🙂

    • Vanessa G
      September 30, 2016

      Hey Thula,

      I love love love these desserts… I’ve never had the last one but I can imagine it already….

      About the vanilla… I’ve used Vanilla beans to make my Eggnog for Christmas… and it’s super rich and addictive… mostly because I hate essence… so if you can’t get the bean itself… it’s always really handy to use Real Vanilla EXTRACT. You also get the artificial extract that doesn’t even come close..

      As for the dessert….. I waaaaaaannnttt!!!!

  2. Bharu
    September 20, 2016

    Reading through this I felt I was there with you . I’m sure your personal accounts will help many travelers who are lucky enough to find your blog 🙂

    • Thulashitha RD
      September 20, 2016

      Thank you Bharu ! 🙂