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Saint Malo- Sights from this beautiful little Port City are sure to stun you !

France, Travel & Desserts | September 22, 2016 | By


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St-Malo is one of the most beautiful and touristic port cities in Brittany, North West of France, along the Emerald Coast. This walled city was originally built as a citadel that later became home to most feared pirates. It was almost completely destroyed in the second world war and later painstakingly reconstructed to be what it is today. 

This is closes connection to England, there are overnight ferries that run from St.Malo to Portsmouth.

This little city can easily be covered within a day, and the sights and “one of a kind” experience will never be forgotten!

Best Months to Visit St. Malo- I am certain you will want to plan a trip to Saint Malo as you get to the end of this article ! If you plan to do so next year, the best time to visit is May through September. Keep in mind that July and August are the busiest, crowded months! The weather is unpredictable even in Summer, we went by the weather forecast- that’s when your smart phone comes in handy 😉 

Transport– There are direct trains that leave from Rennes every hour. It took approximately an hour to get here… trains are very comfortable and have a kid friendly cart (located at the end of the train) that is sure to keep your children entertained while you enjoy the scenery   From the station it is 20-40 minute walk straight down Avenue Louis Martin. Also there are high speed trains that run directly from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. 

Downloadable Apps– “Train line” is a recommended mobile app that helps you book tickets in advance. 

train to st-malo

Kid Friendly train cart