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Saint Malo- Sights from this beautiful little Port City are sure to stun you !

France, Travel & Desserts | September 22, 2016 | By

The Walled Port 

The walled port is the main attraction of this city and is commutable by walk or bus. We chose to walk which took approximately 40 minutes with two curious toddlers! 



Once you get there (parents be ware, there is a carousel next to the the main entrance which is sure to steal your child’s attention!), Stop by the tourism office to grab a map with marked points of interest.


We were advised to start from the right side of entrance and take the stairs to the the port wall (most part of it is stroller accessible). 



This was the very first sight from the port wall !! The little fort on the rocks you see is “Fort National” previously called Fort Imperial, built on l’Îlette rock, by a military architect to protect St-Malo’s port. It is walk-able during low tide and shallow waters that rise up very fast !

High Tides In Saint Malo !! Saint Malo is known for its quick high tides that rise up to 13 m just over 6 hours! we witness this phenomenon on the day of our visit….. and I have pictures for proof ! As you can see below , early afternoon (left) the water was very shallow and the ocean retreated giving visitors an opportunity to walk over to the rock…..and later (right) you will notice as the time passes by, water coming in…

saint malo low tide

{Fort National (at Early Afternoon) – The Island is accessible at low tide}

…… and Below are pictures towards the end of the day, just before we left), a dramatic rise in water level and the rock is not accessible anymore !!! This is because of the tidal variations that happen in the English channel which is exaggerated by the shape of this little bay. 

st-malo high tide

{Fort National (at Late Afternoon)- Sea closing in at high tide}

Walking around the Port Wall -Panoramic views 

First take a stroll around the port wall for panoramic views of the English channel that is sure to blow your mind away….you will have many photo opportunities and takes only an hour from start to end.

Here are few photographs of the views we experienced… so breathtaking and surreal. I would want to re-visit France just to experience these sights again… sigh!!

So come walk with me 🙂 


Walking around the port wall takes you steps back into history…. you start to absorb the sights and serenity around you ..


The homes replaced with hotels to accommodate millions of tourists that visit this port city every year!


Breathtaking views as we kept walking along the paved way….. 


A peek through a port hole…. view of the mini fort- like a framed picture !




No filters ! this was a natural pool by the ocean… notice the dive board ! 😉 … next time maybe …!! 


The Natural Harbor …. this view was towards the left from the port wall. Once you get to the end of it, take the stairs to descend into the interior city. 

Next walk the narrow cobbled interior streets of the reconstructed old city to step back in time !!

streets of sain malo port city

you will see street painters doing amazing live art….

street painters St-Malo

grab a few souvenirs and treat yourself to some delicious French Food !!! 

Other points of interest include Port St-Vincent, the town’s castle with its Musée de la Ville (for history buffs!) and the Grand Aquarium. 

Next comes my favorite….. THE DESSERT EXPERIENCE !!!