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Saint Malo- Sights from this beautiful little Port City are sure to stun you !

France, Travel & Desserts | September 22, 2016 | By

Desserts from Saint Malos

As you enter the port the first building is the Bakery …


…. serving some of the best desserts !! 


We picked a couple based on recommendation.

1. Paris Brest


A “classic” french dessert, recommended by many locals both in Paris and Rennes, which I was eagerly looking forward to trying!!! ………and a dessert that took me by surprise! At the look of it i expected it to be course and crumbly but i was pleasantly surprised at how soft, moist and tender this pastry was on the inside!!!


It was created in 1910 to honor the (still happening) cycling event that runs once every four year from Paris to Brest and back, by a pastry chef, who took part in the event. At the time it was created in the shape of a donut to resemble the bicycle wheel.

paris breaskt cross section

It is made of Choux pastry and filled with pastry cream and Chocolate Hazelnut ganache …. a heavenly combination for a dessert freak like me !!

2.Rum cake

rum cake

Deliciously moist dessert with this amazing view!! Can it ever get better than this?! … At the look of this rum cake one can tell how moist it is on the inside!

SONY DSC A bite into this delicious cake… so tender with a hint of rum and topped with Vanilla Bean. Love how the French pastries incorporate “real” and not “imitation” vanilla…. adds so much to the dessert!

With this comes an end to my travel adventures in France for 2016 !!

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